Student Grants

Institute for Medieval Studies Summer Research Fellowship

The Institute for Medieval Studies invites applications for its Summer Research Fellowship. This Fellowship, in the amount of $500, is intended to support a summer research project involving travel and library or archival research in any area of Medieval Studies. Projects that support dissertation or thesis research, or that will assist with the choice of a dissertation or thesis topic, will be given primary consideration. A complete application consists of a project narrative of not more than 1,000 words, a one-page budget, a curriculum vitae, and two letters of recommendation from faculty familiar with your work. The application deadline is April 15.

Send applications to:

University of New Mexico
Institute for Medieval Studies
2045 Mesa Vista Hall
MSC06 3620
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Past recipients:

2008 - Susan Sullivan
2007 - Katie Newell
2005 - Kim Klimek

Graduate Student Prize

The Institute for Medieval Studies offers an annual prize for the best paper on a medieval topic written by a graduate student. The prizewinner presents the paper at the following year’s International Congress on Medieval Studies held on the campus of Western Michigan University, with all conference expenses covered, including travel, conference registration, accommodation, and refectory meals. The deadline for the submission of papers is August 5. All papers submitted must be suitable for 20-minute conference delivery. Papers will be judged by a committee of the Institute’s core faculty. The winner will be announced by August 31 each year.

Previous winners:

2015 - Kevin Jackson (English) "'Facie ad Faciem:' Anglo- Saxon Interpretations of Biblical Theophany"
2014 - Natalie Latteri (History): "Sin, Suffering, and a Projection of Promiscuity in the Chronicle of Solomon Bar Samson"
2013 - Ann D’Orazio (English): “How to Read a Saint: Agatha and Interpretation”
2012 - Nicholas Schwartz (English): “Wulfstan and the Old English Boethius: A (Partial) Reconsideration of the Textual Transmission of the ‘Three Orders’ in Anglo-Saxon England”
2011 - Yulia Mikhailova (History): “Comparative Chronicles: Henry II of England and Sviatoslav of Kiev”
2010 - Donna Ray (History): “The Whirlpool and the Abyss: Hadewijch and the Holy Trinity”
2009 - Lisa Myers (English): “‘A Gest of Robin Hood’ and Its Position in the Development of the Robin Hood Legend”
2008 - Douglas Ryan VanBenthuysen (English): “John Mitchell Kemble: From Broadswords to Beowulf”
2007 - Katherine Thompson Newell (History): “Northmen, Narrative, and Legitimacy: Using the Viking Invasions to Construct Authority in France, ca. 850–1250”
2006 - Marisa Sikes (English): “Inviolable Corporeality: The Virgin Body as Christian Triumph in Hrotsvit’s Sapientia and Dulcitius”
2005 - Sarah Baechle (English): “A Widow There Was: Mourning, Marriage, Medieval Law, and the Wife of Bath”
2004 - Lia Ross (History): “Personal Touches: Social Styles and Control at the Burgundian Court in the Chroniques of Georges Chastellain”
2003 - Kimberly Klimek (History): “Abelard: Signification and Intentionality”

First-year membership fee coverage for the Medieval Academy of America

The Institute will cover first-year membership fees for any graduate student wishing to become a member of the Medieval Academy of America. The student membership is $30. The Institute covers the first year of membership as an incentive for the continuation of membership in subsequent years. Benefits of membership include:

• Four issues of the journal Speculum published each year
• Eligibility for grants offered by the Medieval Academy
• Membership listed on one’s curriculum vitae

Please contact the Institute for more information.