Student Organizations

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The Institute for Medieval Studies works closely with several student organizations to deliver programs, events, activities, and educational opportunities to the University of New Mexico campus and the greater Albuquerque community. 

Medieval Studies Student Association

Medieval Studies Student Association logoThe Medieval Studies Student Association is an official UNM organization comprised of graduate and undergraduate students from a variety of disciplines and majors who have a common interest: medieval studies and all related topics. The MSSA welcomes students from any major or discipline who are interested in the medieval period. 

For more information, please visit the MSSA website via the link above. You may also contact the MSSA via e-mail at


History Graduate Student Association (HGSA)


The History Graduate Student Association (HGSA) was established to provide community and professional assistance to UNM graduate students in the field of History. The UNM HGSA strives to create an inclusive and collaborative academic environment that enhances the educational opportunities and well-being of our graduate students by providing both a congenial atmosphere and information that aids them in preparing for a rapidly changing professional workplace. 

For more information, please visit the HGSA website via the link above, or contact the HGSA officers via email at


Medieval Graduate Students in English (MEGSE)

Graduate Students focusing on Medieval Studies and medieval literature in the English Department have formed a professional and academic organization in order to provide support and encouragement to its members during their work at UNM and beyond.  MEGSE also provides the Medieval Studies students of the English Department a chance to network and connect with alumni and work closely with the English faculty and each other.


UNM Hobbit Society

Hobbit Society LogoThe UNM Hobbit Society is a community group on campus that is "all about having a good time with fellow nerds!" The society was founded in 2003 during Dr. Leslie Donovan's Spring University Honors Program Course, "J.R.R. Tolkien: Writings, Myths, and Sources." The Group seeks to promote the understanding and appreciation of fantasy and science fiction literature, as well as the rich and varied contributions these genres have made.  

To learn more, visit the UNM Hobbit Society Website, or follow their Instagram account at @unmhobbitssociety